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GOROS Gold Top All Gold Turquoise Feather

GOROS Gold Top All Gold Turquoise Feather

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The Gold Tip Feather with Gold Claws is a highly sought after feather pendant among goro’s fans.This feather pendant features the most popular motif among all goro’s feather pendants: the gold claw and gold tip. Even if you have unlimited cash, patience, and determination, you have no guarantee of obtaining this feather. As the silver oxidizes, the contrast between the gold tip and claw and the silver part of the feather stands out brilliantly.This Gold Tip Feather with Gold Claws is undoubtedly one of the top feathers in the goro’s universe due to its rarity. It was displayed in the goro’s store until around 2000. By 2013, you could only get it by placing an order. Like other goro’s premium items, only people who build a strong relationship with goro’s can place orders. Therefore, not even lining up outside the store for a decade could guarantee you this rare feather. The difficulty of even placing an order is a testament to this feather’s rarity and prestige.

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